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Round & Curved Doors

Round & Curved Doors

Round & curved door range of exceptionnal automatic doors especially suitable for all public places with heavy traffic. With a careful design, round and curved doors are highly appreciated in hotels, restaurants, casinos, spas... and other buildings offering a prestigious entrance to visitors.

Several versions are available in the new door range, each of them as the same high technological DIVA operator. Easily integrable in existing structures, this range is characterized by its large modularity and its safety of functioning.

DIVA5 is equipped by the NAVIBLU display, real dashboard opening the door to new functionalities and a great ease to drive the door. In addition, the user can also use other multifunctions or simplified control devices to provide his need and the use of the door.


  • Customized dimensions
  • Wide choice of finishes
  • Comfort and easy use
  • Heat insulation by interlocking system management
  • Wall dashboard NAVIBLU with LCD display
  • Infrared remote control
  • Self-controlled infrared curtain
  • Locking device through infrared key

The wide choice of finishes, leaves, glazing… and its ease of installation in various configurations let the architects creating an entrance to their imagination and provide safer and more comfortable conditions for the customer.

Automated doors for hospitals

HDS CLEAN Hermetic Doors

A real sanitary defence barrier, the HDS Clean door ensures a reinforced tightness against air and dust. It is designed to comply with health and safety requirements, while providing high daily utilisation comfort. 100% hermetic up to 25 Pa and with a leak flow of 0,10 m³/h/m² to 50 Pa, the HDS CLEAN exceptional performances of airtightness, certified by laboratory tests, make this door a reliable and reassuring equipement. HDS CLEAN is dedicated to operating rooms, disinfecting rooms, sterile chambers, clean rooms or other environmentally controlled rooms.

  • The HDS CLEAN door combines a powerful operator and a tight door panel adapted to the sanitary sector. The operator lifts and moves the door panel in a secured smooth fluid movement.
  • The opening of the door is a fully automatic operation controlled by various systems specific for each utilisation (remote control, foot or elbow pushbutton, contactless switch, detection radar, etc.).
  • Leaves are made of a rigid core coated with high density stratified panels. They are available in a large colour range. Other materials or coatings are also available to meet all specific requirements (sound insulation, transparency, damp environment...).

DIVA LC Clean Sliding Door

The DIVA LC CLEAN sliding door is designed to respond to the requirements of the most advanced technological sectors for which a controlled atmospheric environment is necessary. This door range is dedicated to sites where air permeability must be controlled : hospitals, clean rooms, laboratories, etc.
DIVA LC CLEAN proposes specific technical solutions, and provides an enormous usage comfort :

  • People transporting sensitive materials or pushing a carriage appreciate a wide automatic opening,
  • Doors opening without contact or handle manipulations allow respecting stringent hygienic rules,
  • Adjusting leaves opening and closing speeds limits contamination exchanges between two areas.
The leaf’s tightness is ensured by special rubber seals which form a true barrier against the passage of air. Ergonomic covers with smooth, rounded shapes prevent dust from accumulating and facilitate cleaning and decontamination.


Acting as a sanitary barrier, the HDS CLEAN comes from now on in X-Ray version to bring the necessary protection against X-rays in the radiography rooms (hospitals, clinics, dental offices, laboratories, research institutes...)
In the radiography rooms where people protection against X-Ray is essential, the opening systems are equipped with safety devices interrupting the radiation.
La version Anti-X de la porte HDS CLEAN répond à cette prescription. The lead sheets inserted into the leaf and the wall insure a safe protection against the X-Rays.
The lead shielding is inserted at the heart of the leaf: this one can be then covered in every types of cover adapted in the condition of use and in the cleaning contraints : aluminium, stainless steel, melamine, High Pressure Laminated wood...
Automated doors for hospitals

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

  • 10 cm high compact casing
  • New design
  • Easy installation

General-purpose and skillful, TINA fits all application for heavy or private use. Its elegant design and slim casing make it suitable in any place. Easy to use, developed to be installed rapidly, this new range of doors is the perfect solution for those who need the comfort of an automatic door without complexity... With TINA, discover the concept of high performing automatic doors, convenient and easy to install.

  • • TINA exists in single or double sliding versions, with or without side screens.
  • • Its flexibility allows to fit toughened glass leaves and thick profiles until 50mm..
  • • Its performances and flexibility make it a reference in its category: its compact operator pulls heavy leaves until 2 x 140 kg.
  • • The removable cover from each part of the radar cover allow to reach easily the operator without disturbing the door operation and its detection device.

All current functions are available and can be customised. The user can have systems of multifunction or simplified controls according to his needs.

Telescopic Door

Combining performance and reliability, Teleskopic doors are convinient for all public places with heavy traffic flow. They offer a large choice of independent modules which gives an upgradable door. Adjustability according to PORTALP:

  • A heavy traffic operator
  • An ergonomic casing, for every application
  • Selective features for every use
  • Upgradable features and easy to fit (optional modules)
  • A customised door for every situation.
Telescopic Door



Elegant, compact and powerful, ISO operator transforms easily and with discretion a manual door into automatic door. ISO is available in pulling or pushing version, opening on left or right side. Flexible and functional, it adapts on any type of door, whether new or in renovation. ISO combines many avantages :

  • Its Design : a cover with smooth and round shapes, the protection parts on arms allows an harmonious installation and get a felling of security.
  • Its Performance : It can handle heavy panels up to 250 kg ( pushing version), and is at the same time compact and powerful.
  • Its Functionalities : Self-learning, Push & Go function, special function to run in windy areas, master/slave function (double door), and Many safety devices can be connected...